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Chloe Morgan
Fresh and delicious
Patrice Duvall
Always reliable and easy. By the time I walk the block and bit from work to get it, it's ready.
Leon Cupit
Went very well, quick and easy!
Patrice Duvall
It was waiting for me when I got there and I was a bit earlier than the time specified, excellent food as always, great staff, the only issue was trying to pay with my credit card. It kept declining because of the expiry had 2017 already in the field, it must be changed to 17 but it doesn't tell you that. Other than that, a lesson learned and should be trouble free next time.
Nat Reason
Fantastic tasty food - always! Great service. Order was ready for pick-up when I arrived.
Peter Bird
As it is a 6-7 block walk from work to Dumpling Express this service is really handy. We get a group of people ordering and one person goes to collect. The food is ready when we get there and is always delicious. I actually think the dumplings have got better over the last 6 months.
Aaron Robb
Always fantastic food and great service. Sarah on the front desk always remembers my name and greets customers with a smile!
John Deliu
Love the app. Very easy andvlove the remember orders etc., But would like to see Paypal integrated. The food is great. Made in house and always quality
John Nesbitt
Ordering online was quick and easy. Getting the SMS confirmation also gave you the confidence that everything went smoothly with the ordering process.
Nat Reason
All great food take-away or dine-in. It's a Hobart go to.
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